We have a variety of options at ESP depending on the level of guidance you’re seeking:

the academy

Our favorite way to train. Proven effective, fun, and economical. Work out in groups of 3-6 at preset times. Our tier method at its finest. Open gym add-on available for members (inquire for more details).

4 session/month - $149/month 

8 sessions/month - $239/month 

12 sessions/month - $299/month  Our most popular option!



one-on-one session - $85*

Get some of that one-on-one time. Best for in-depth movement breakdowns, highly specific training, and severe injury recovery (post physical therapy). Scheduled at your convenience with one of our coaches.

*Inquire for personal training package rates

starter package - $249

Need a little bit of guidance, but like working out on your own? Workouts feeling a little stale? At a plateau and don’t know how to break through? Get started with a personalized program from one of our knowledgeable coaches. We use a questionnaire to figure out how to help you best, write a 4 week program, and sit down with you to explain the details. (Includes 4 week written program and 3 one-on-one sessions with a coach).

Mobility Program - $99

Feeling stiff and sore? Can’t seem to hit depth on that squat no matter how much you stretch? Schedule a mobility session! We do a comprehensive assessment to figure out what might be limiting you or causing pain, then write a personalized mobility program to help.

personalized Programming - $99

For ongoing clients who have already been indoctrinated in to the ESP way. 4 weeks of personalized programming to help you get to your goals.

6 month Movement intensive - 

Email for more information