Work hard. Be you. Get better. 

 We view fitness like a martial art: there is a path from novice to master, and although each individual may have a wholly different goal, perspective or skill capacity, they must develop a solid foundation in basic movements before moving on to more complex and demanding activities. The basics remain crucial throughout the journey, though beginners may not possess the skill sets or abilities of a student who has been training for many years. Fitness is a lifelong journey, not a short trip to an immediate goal. We become fit not just for the aesthetic benefits, but for the positive influences it has on our overall lives as well as specific goals.

   Exercises/movements are not just random tools to be pulled from the grab bag of fitness training – there is an intended progression from stage to stage, movement to movement. There is no logical reason to have a de-conditioned or new student to use a heavy load with a complex multi-joint exercise (such as an Olympic lift) before they possess the basic structural stability to maintain basic postural holds (such as the plank position).

   Our aim is to create well-rounded, safe and healthy athletes; to inspire joy, fulfillment and success through movement by using time-tested tools and methods while empowering our community through our passion for physical culture.


Do you like the sound of our approach? Are you ready to start moving?