The Joy of Movement - PRINT EDITION

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The Joy of Movement - PRINT EDITION


By Tyler Welch


-25 page booklet

-5”x8” format

-Initial run limited to 50 copies

-Hand numbered

-Includes download of digital version

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What is a movement practice?

Author Tyler Welch defines it as “a sustainable, self-paced, self-moderated collection of drills that increase our awareness of and presence in our bodies.”

The Joy of Movement will take you through the tenets of an effective movement practice, as well as 10 steps you can take to transform your mundane exercise routine in to an exciting, fulfilling, skill-acquisition-based movement practice.

From the introduction:

“This isn’t just a book about exercise, or one about mindset. It is about moving, learning, and adapting. It’s not a self-help book, though I do hope it helps you. There’s no magic plan or exercise contained in these pages. It’s intentionally general. I want to help you learn how to pull the thread and see how things connect. To see the threads that run amongst all types of movement, sport, and exercise. It goes way beyond simple "functional training" and "natural movement." I want to teach you how to learn with the body and adapt to new stimuli. How to approach new challenges with grace and ease. How to move through the world with confidence and see everything around us as interrelated - as parts of a moving, working, interacting whole.”

Using the ideas contained within The Joy of Movement you will learn how to become more capable, more resilient, and more connected with your body and its needs. You’ll learn how to apply simple ideas to all different types of movements, adapt more easily to new movement patterns and varying environments, and see the connection between all physical pursuits.

It’s part functional strength training, part dance, part meditation. It’s a new way to look at exercise and physical fitness. The Joy of Movement is about putting the power of your body back in to your hands.